Maui – Part Three.

Maui is a beautiful place.  It is especially beautiful as a vacation spot.  But make no mistake, it does not come cheap.   It was a fabulous vacation – a once in a lifetime vacation for me and my family.  I don’t know that I will return to Maui in my lifetime, but I am happy that I got to experience it.

I should note though that should I win a huge lotto jackpot I would be fine watching happy couples getting married on the beach by my house (and having Oprah, Cher, and Clint as neighbors).  A life on Maui would be a nice life if money was not an issue.  But money is, in most folks’ lives, a fairly big consideration.

If you are planning to go to Maui I strongly encourage you to go to the Old Lahaina Luau and the Aloha Mixed Plate.  You should try and experience all the adventures Maui has to offer (from snorkeling to shopping).  We stayed at the Royal Kahana Outrigger condos and we found all the units we rented to be very nice (we also got a great rate). I do feel I should warn you about the Hana Highway.  It is a beautiful drive and not too nerve-wracking on the way to Hana, but coming back was horrifying.  I was sure we were going to be killed in a head-on collision.  Thank goodness Mike was driving or we would have never made it home. I would not do that again if you paid me.

And as for making it home, one of our pieces of luggage did not make it home.  Hawaiian Airlines lost it somewhere between Maui and Phoenix.  I have learned a great deal as of late about what items are not covered by the airlines claim process – in summary, most everything that isn’t apparel or basic hygiene items should not be in a checked bag because if it is lost you will not be compensated for the loss.  So there went many things – to include some fabulous souvenirs (not covered) and my patience for the whole baggage loss claim process.

Lost luggage aside, who am I to complain?  My entire family had a lovely vacation in Maui, Sarah and Dusty got “Mauied”, and I know exactly where to buy a home in Maui if I do hit the big jackpot.  I live a charmed life, this I know.