Same As It Ever Was…

Well, hello there.

You may not remember me as my last blog entry was in late 2014. Prior to that blog entry I amassed over 1,800 blog entries over a five year period. I guess you could say blogging was “my thing” – until it wasn’t.

Moving from daily blogging to periodic blogging to no blogging was a strange, but wholly organic process. I just didn’t feel the desire to engage any longer in that moment. I had too recently watched two dear friends mourn the loss of their grown children and it caused me to question the purposefulness of blogging in the big picture of life. The final blow came with the loss of my friend Barbara Wang (affectionately known as B-Dubya) in July 2015. I met B-Dubya through my blog and her care and support carried me through the years. I could not envision blog entries without her comments.

But as of late I have been thinking it is time to revisit my voice…to re-engage with the universe outside my physical and Facebook reach. So I guess you could say blogging is once again “my thing.”

Not that I will go back to daily blogging. That ship has sailed. I have things to say and thoughts to share, but I am content with a less frenzied blog schedule of two or three blogs a week.

But make no mistake, while my blog schedule may have mellowed, I have not. Quite the contrary, I get sassier with each passing day. I realize now, more than ever, that life is something you have to show up for every single day. We are here on the planet to connect and engage with each other, to marvel in both our uniqueness and sameness, to experience a life that is uniquely ours but touched by so many others – this is what we are meant to do, this is the whole enchilada.

And so it begins once again my friends, same as it ever was.

Another day in the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Kathy

    So glad to have your wit and charm again to keep me smiling and saying “oh yes” that is Carol! I have missed your blog and as always – you!

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