Everyone Needs A Little Lucy In Their Life…

I never imagined I would be an Ethel, until I was. I believed for a long time that being an Ethel meant doing what was expected and safe. Frankly, being an Ethel seemed dull.

Not that anyone saw me as an Ethel, everyone assumed I was all Lucy, all the time. But the line between Lucy and Ethel is relative. It is a line only truly appreciated when there are two partners in crime. It is then that the instigator of crazy ideas, ill-conceived adventures, and laughter-filled high jinks most fully emerges in contradiction to the more reasoned, cautious, but forever loyal counterpart. And this is how I became an Ethel, I met my Lucy.

I am thinking about my Lucy today as it is her birthday. I think she is 29, or at least that is the eternal number I have placed her age at and where she is in spirit. She does have a grown daughter, so I recognize that my math is delightfully faulty.

My Lucy no longer lives in the same area I do. She moved away many years ago to pursue all the adventures of her life. Yet, whenever we do find time together we are right back to where we started, with a gleam in her eye and a knowing, but nervous smile on my face. She has always been unafraid to jump right into the fray -unabashedly and with a devious glee.
With Lucy, I became Ethel and relished my role as the co-conspirator who tagged along in equal parts due to loyalty and morbid curiosity.

There is liberation in having a Lucy in your life. A Lucy serves to remind us that life is about the adventure, not the plan…it is about grabbing the moments and making them into memories that remain in your brain long after a hundred other memories have slipped away. I think everyone needs a little Lucy in their life, whether they choose to embody Lucy or support it in others. We need to be reminded regularly that the joy in life can often be found in the moments that we have together laughing, cavorting, and pursuing impractical things.

I love my Lucy and I am happy to remain steadfastly her Ethel. Today on her birthday I will think or her and smile as I remember all the mischief we have instigated or found our way to. We have had some pretty fabulous moments in our day. Even though she is far away, I assure you, the gleam is still in her eye.

Another day in the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. Lucy

    One could NEVER think you are dull, expected, or safe. You bring light and love to every single thing you do! I always viewed Ethel as the loyal friend that against her better judgement, did what Lucy asked….which you certainly have proven true. We have certainly had some interesting and fun times. You will be so proud – I haven’t gotten kicked off a bus in years 🙂
    You are my counterpoint and clearly the better half of this friendship. I love you to the moon and back. Your blog made my day. Cheers to more Lucy and Ethel adventures in the future. And yes, I still have the gleam in my eye. Hopefully with a bit more safety built in, but you know me…

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