May We Never Forget Their Sacrifice…

On Memorial Day we remember and honor our fallen, those who lost their lives in service to our country in the armed forces.

When I think about the cost that has been paid for the ideals of country, both by those who lost their lives and by their family members who have grieved and lived with their loss, I am humbled. This is the reality of true patriotism. It is more than just singing the national anthem or flying the flag, it is a commitment beyond one’s self to die in defense of a nation’s ideals.

Such  commitment and sacrifice is truly profound. Those who stand in military service are the true patriots of our country – these are the true heroes. They are the ones who are willing to, and too often do, die for what they believe is a necessary fight to protect the freedom and sense of justice our country is built upon.

The decision to go into combat is one afforded to elected leaders who often know little about true patriotism and fail to give due consideration to the cost of such action. Patriotism is carried on the back of the common men and women who evidence strength, courage, and commitment that is not at all common. In the pages of history, the true patriots too often go unnamed.

May we all remember each time we look at our flag flying freely and when we sing the national anthem proudly the amount of blood that has been shed for our privilege to do so. A heavy price has been paid on the backs of our patriots to maintain the America we hold up as the greatest country on earth. May we never forget their sacrifice and the obligation it places on each of us to use our voice, choices, and vote to ensure that we do our own part in maintaining the ideals of this country.

May God bless and keep the souls of our fallen patriots close, and may their families find peace with their loss; and, may God watch over those who currently serve and their families as well. On this day and every day, let us all remember that freedom is not free and the burden for freedom, justice, and the American way is not borne equally.

Another day in the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C