She Believes In Most Of Her Being That 2017 Will Be Magical…

In the conversation in her head she remarks, “I am fascinated by the new year phenomenon. Why do people place so much emphasis on the power of, and potential for, change at the outset of the new calendar  year?”

Albeit, she is quickly distracted by a burning urge to ready her brand new journal to capture her 2017 goals that will surely transform her life.

Yes, she will capture them in nice writing in brightly colored ink with a sensible, detailed plan of how they will be realized. Life in 2017 will then be magical because she has goals. She will be kinder with herself and others, more disciplined in the use of her time, more conscious of her lifestyle choices…the list goes on and on – in a soul fulfilling and aesthetically pleasing way.

But, she has had such goals for years; indeed, she has had them for decades. And these goals seem strikingly similar to goals captured in years’ past. Intellectually she realizes this, and wonders for a moment as she marvels at how spectacular her 2017 life appears it will be, “How will 2017 emerge as THE year that everything changed after all the years that everything did not change?” This moment of questioning is quickly washed over as she tells herself that she is different now – older, wiser, more committed –  and she returns to the daydream euphoria that comes with the promise of a brighter, more fascinating, and more fulfilling life.

She reassures herself, of course things will change; after all, she wrote the changes in her brand new journal. Writing down one’s intentions breathe life into them, it is a message to the universe of readiness to embark on a new pathway. Oprah said so, therefore it is true.

Yet the dialogue in her head is not quite over, some small piece of her refuses to be placated by her new year optimism, and asks,  “Is there a different kind of magic I should be embracing today? Should I resolve to not resolve? But wait, that is still resolving. Is there some support for what I am doing? Is there ancient wisdom about the new year and a clean slate, is there something about the alignment of the moon, is there empirical evidence that points to the sensibility of my beautiful 2017 goals – something I can hang my hat on other than just Oprah?”

She laments, “Perhaps, I am overthinking this, perhaps all that matters is the ritual of capturing my goals in my brand new journal. Perhaps resolutions are just there to remind of us of our own human agency, to remind us that we can reinvent ourselves and the lives we live though our own actions.” She thinks that makes sense, but she is not sure that it answers any questions about whether she should or should not feel happy about her capture of her 2017 intentions.

She admonishes herself to stop thinking so deeply about all this “stuff” and decides her time is better spent adding some cute images to make her list look even more appealing.  After all, 2017 will be what she makes it and hearts, flowers, suns, and rainbows (which comprise the full-extent of her drawing ability) make her heart a bit happier. She surmises there are worse ways to enter a new year than the way she has chosen to, and she believes in most of her being that 2017 will be magical.

Another day in the new forty – obla di obla da

Ms. C

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  1. tim haering

    YOU know, I can predict the future. I know exactly what will happen in the coming year, and beyond to a more limited extent. But … and everyone has a Big But, as PeeWee Herman noted … that future only happens if I don’t step from the spot where I stand receiving the premonitions. The minute I move and add my actions to Life’s potion, the foreseen future vanishes and I am as sightless as the rest of Life’s wanderers. And every year I choose opacity. Although I really have no choice. In bocca al lupo, Ms. C.

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