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On our old blog platform we had different profile options than we have here.  Here we have page options so instead of the old profile format I am using a profile page.  The nice thing about the page is it allows me to tell you more, but those who read my blog regularly already know a lot about me, my life, my ideas, my opinions and my dreams. So, I am not sure that I am telling regular readers anything all that new.

I started this blog as a promise to myself to write a little something every day.  I wasn’t all that sure in the beginning whether it was a promise I would keep, but after a year of writing daily I can say that it has become a beloved habit.  Along the way I have written about anything and everything I feel like writing about.  Sometimes my blog topics are racier than others and sometimes they are more personal than others, but always they come from a desire to share my human experience with those of you who are reading.  My friends, family, colleagues, travels and experiences are regularly featured in my blog…my blog posts are truly a mirror on my real life.

I have been delighted to hear from those of you who have been reading my blog whether it is via blog comments, emails or personal comments while I am out-and-about in the world.  I am flattered that you take the time to read my writing and to additionally share your thoughts with me – thank you for that.

I live a charmed life, but I do so as a perfectly imperfect person.  My life is filled with fabulous people who love me and I get to do work that I very much enjoy.  I get into a bit of mischief here and there and typically I am laughing my fanny off the whole time. I try and see the humor in all things and I recognize that humor has been my salvation on many a day.  So I laugh – a lot.

I am single again and my foray back into the world of dating has already been far too much fun (and perhaps illegal in some states).  There is something about being single at a time in your life when you know yourself so well that is both invigorating and a tad dangerous.

In my world, every day is an adventure and there is always something new and exciting going on.  I am committed to being the best version of myself every day – and often that means being the biggest goofball I can get away with being.  God bless the folks who put up with me! 😉

I enjoy meeting new people and hearing folks’ stories.  I am a fan of people who dare to grab for the brass ring…people who understand that without guts there is really no glory. I am a fan of those who dare to extend themselves socially to meet new people even though by doing so they may go splat on the sidewalk…those who believe in potentiality and refuse to prescribe limits.  I am a fan of those who choose to live large – not financially, but in spirit.

If you would like to contact me outside the Area Voices system, please email me at madamgovnr@msn.com.  I have made many new friends as a result of my blog and I believe I am richer for it. 
I’ll close this page with my favorite saying which hangs over my desk at home,
“Sometimes you have to take the leap and build your wings on the way down.”

Thanks for taking the leap with me.

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  1. Dear Ms. C,

    You recently wrote a blog about my emails at LoveFifi.com. I write them myself and direct the graphics, so they are my babies. I am thrilled beyond words to know that there is officially ONE person who “gets” me! I actually had your blog read out loud at our company meeting. You validated me, darling and it feels amazing.

    I want to thank you for your words. They mean a lot to me. Doing business in this economy challenges everything I know about my trade. I have been in intimate apparel (yes, even now I am wearing a babydoll as I type this, ha ha) for decades. Two of those decades as head designer at Frederick’s of Hollywood. This is my own business and we are making it thanks to smart women like you who pay attention.

    Ms. C…..you are completely marvelous and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope you got yesterdays Boobies in Bloom email. It’s a good one and my fluffy rose pasties are perfect for the new forty girlie girls. I’d love to send you a pair of your own….let me know.

    (aka Amanda)

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  3. Welcome to the dating scene again! I made my trek down that path not long ago. I think I could probably write a hilarious book about the four year experience! Now I have been married a year, (very unexpected) and yet delighted! I loved parts of the dating thing and others things really stank, but I take the good with the not so good and chalk it all up to life in its finest! Blessings! ~~ Jenine

  4. Sidra

    praytell, Mrs. C — do you have any dating advice as a single person again? I just don’t get it. Would be very grateful as someone interested in dating nice men with minimum or no red flags….thanks!!

  5. Scott J

    That first picture of you is great. If you came to my bar I would have to card you. Anyways love following your blog. Keep posting.

  6. Chuck Cohen

    I go by Mr. C often, when I’m subbing, as I’ve been doing since the beginning of February. Read your blogs and felt like I was reading about a kindred spirit. A few year ago, when I was getting ready to leave the middle school I worked at as an IA, I found two trees that weren’t being watered either. I inquired and no one knew what to say, so I watered them until the end of the year. That was four years ago and last week I was back at my old school subbing and the trees survived and it seems that someone took a hint.
    I didn’t think they’d last either, but they did. You’re blog made my day. Oh well, back to my Thesis; I have less than two weeks to get it to the Professor. Thanks for motivating me, I needed it. cohen

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