About Autism

As part of my year three goal in the new forty I have decided to more intently focus my efforts on learning and writing more about autism.   To accomplish this I have started a new blog called My Heart is on the Spectrum and created an accompanying Facebook page (likewise called My Heart is on the Spectrum).

I have two grandchildren on the spectrum and in an effort to be the best advocate I can for them I feel a need to spend more dedicated time and effort on the subject.  The blog and the Facebook site are designed to become information-sharing sites for those who want or need to learn more about life on the spectrum.  This is just another step in what will be a lifelong journey for me as my grandchildren will dance on the spectrum the entirety of their lives.

I welcome those who have information, questions, experiences or successes to share to contact me via My Heart is on the Spectrum.  My hope is that together we can act as magnifiers for the collective effort of bringing greater awareness and attention to the joys, challenges and realities of living on the spectrum.


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