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Jungle love?

I got an email from Fifi of LoveFifi.com fame that asked if I was ready for “jungle love”.  Of course she has an outfit in mind to facilitate jungle love if I am interested.  I think as far as lingerie … Continue reading

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For the boys…

I never cease to be amazed when I hear about some of the places people reading my blog are.  I often forget that the reach of the internet is essentially everywhere. That access is magnified by the notion of  six degrees … Continue reading

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If your body is perfect…

The infamous Fifi of LoveFifi.com sent me an email with a subject line that said, “If Your Body Is Perfect, DO NOT OPEN!‏” Hmmmm. If my body is perfect…well, let me think about that Fifi.  Uh…um…gee…yeah…I think…uh…um…I am pretty … Continue reading

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Pushing boundaries…

I think I have a fairly high tolerance for boundary pushing.  Indeed, I actually really appreciate the way some folks dance all over the boundaries others have in a death grip.  Fifi of LoveFifi is one of my favorite boundary … Continue reading

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Turn the other cheek…

Fifi of LoveFifi fame sent me an email telling me about her padded panties sale.  Per Fifi, “Our 3 top selling Padded BUMS are on a 2 For The Price Of 1 special. If you love our famous Bitty Bum, … Continue reading

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