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The VooDoo Lounge

My brother told me when I was visiting him in California last about a great rooftop bar in the Rio.  When my brother talks about great bars it is important to ask him to define “great” as historically the word has been … Continue reading

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Wild fig extract

The shampoo at the Rio boasts that it contains wild fig extract.  I wonder about this.  What is so fabulous about fig extract and is wild fig extract somehow even more powerful?  I am not sure why wild fig extract is in … Continue reading

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Good, clean fun…

It has been awhile since I have visited Vegas.  When I learned that the IAEM conference was scheduled to be in Vegas this year I was excited to revisit.  My, my…things have changed since I was here last.  Or perhaps … Continue reading

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What happens in Vegas…

It used to be said, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” These days what happens in Vegas stays on Facebook and in Google search long after the fleeting stupidity you enjoyed in the moment.  In my case, what happens … Continue reading

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