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Targeting vulnerable populations…

I have received a half dozen garden catalogs over the last few weeks.  They are filled with big beautiful photos of colorful flowers and plants.  They tantalize the latent garden-lover in me with the promise of new colors and shapes … Continue reading

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Too soon?

Is it too soon to be over winter?  I know it is only mid-January and winter only officially began on December 21st, but I feel like we have had enough to hold us until next winter already.  I would like … Continue reading

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Getting reacquainted…

Tonight while I was driving home it hit me that the landscape looked different.  At one point I wondered if I had absentmindedly turned down the wrong street.  There was a moment when things did not look familiar, but then … Continue reading

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Color my world…

I have always loved the changing of the leaves in the Fall. Every year I tell myself that I will find a day or two when I can just venture out and soak all the colors in; but, every year … Continue reading

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Theory #129 on sex

I have a theory about sex and the seasons.  I actually have many theories that relate to sex, but since theorizing takes great time and effort, today I am just going to elaborate on this one – Theory #129 – … Continue reading

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