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As part of my year three goal in the new forty I have decided to more intently focus my efforts and lend my voice to the issue of veteran suicides.  To accomplish this I have started a new blog called Veteran Suicides – America’s Shame.

I have written about this topic before (see Suicide is never the answer; THE GREATEST INJUSTICE -VETERANS’ SUICIDES; 18 a day…do the math; and, Take note Congressman Berg) and with each passing day have become increasingly frustrated at the lack of action on the part of our government agencies.  I feel that this is an issue that needs a chorus of strong voices that refuse to be quieted.  As the mom of a disabled veteran and the recipient of the freedoms that the military and veterans have paid the price for I feel that I must stand amongst those voices.

I believe this is the least I owe the men and women of the military who have freely given so much and their familes and friends who have likewise paid a cost by virtue of their loved one’s service.

I hope this blog will help amplify the outcry for dramatically improved veteran care and services.  It is my intent to address a series of topics that affect veteran suicide and to also highlight the abject shame these suicides should cause us to feel as Americans.  America is letting her veterans down to the tune of 18 a day.  As an American, I can’t live with that reality without doing something…can you?

The blog’s mission is to: 1) provide support to current and former members of the military; 2) to help inform the American public about the travesty that is occurring; and, 3) to provide pressure on U.S. politicians to act responsibly, comprehensively and swiftly to appropriately honor the contribution and sacrifice of past and current members of the military and their families – to include addressing such basic needs as appropriate and timely care and benefits.

This blog will be different than The New Forty in that I will not be posting general blogs on it daily.  I hope it will ultimately serve as a resource and instigator for government action; as such, I seek to compile as much information there as possible over time.

There is a Facebook page tied to this blog likewise called Veteran Suicides-America’s Shame and located at https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Veteran-Suicides-Americas-Shame/198274596888077 .  This page will feature new posts, updates and allow for a more indepth discussion across the larger Facebook community.  You can expect to see partnering occuring with other Facebook pages and groups who have also invested their voices in the chorus.  We will be looking to promote a national social network driven protest on this topic in the near future.

In my mind, this issue is a crisis of national significance.  I hope you too will join the chorus that says, “18 A DAY IS 18 TOO MANY.”


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  1. HeartSprings is a community healing center and we are offering yoga, meditation, and other neurological support to our veterans who are suffering. Evidenced-based and cutting edge work! Any service member is welcome and their families!

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